Beebee Bassey is a Gospel singer, songwriter, music tutor, and talented guitarist. She comes from Calabar, Cross River State, the Southern part of Nigeria.

She was born into a gospel minister‘s family and gained most of her musical abilities from singing in church. She graduated from Cross River State University of Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. In a short conversation, she tells Pulse Nigria about her journey;

Pulse: What is Her Music Career Journey?

Bassey: In 2011 Beebee Bassey was named the first runner up in Voice of Cross River, Nigeria. This motivated her to go on a bigger platform, Nigerian Idol 2014 where she was amongst the finalists.

In 2015, she worked as an entertainer with Pulse Nigeria and other great establishments while still ministering as a gospel singer in churches. Beebee decided to pursue her passion further as an entrepreneur by starting her business called Beebee’s Entertainment, which focuses on providing quality entertainment to companies and business establishments.

From 2018 through to 2019, she began a journey of providing mentorship. She imparts her musical knowledge onto adults and kids. She also picked a huge interest in charity and assisting less-privileged Children.

Through all this, she maintained focus and kept writing and making music. In 2020 after having an encounter with the Lord, she decided to focus solely on gospel music using her life’s experiences to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through songs and inspire the world. She believes that though we go through the fire, we will come out refined as gold.

Pulse: When and how did she discover music?

Bassey: She started singing from when she was 7 years old and discovered her passion for music while singing in church. Her professional Journey in music sparked up after becoming a top finalist in Nigerian Idol.

Pulse: When did she realize that she was going to make music for a living?

Bassey: Working with Pulse Nigeria as a content developer in charge of live music made her understand that she could make a living from doing what she loves. She also provided music entertainment service to Fourpoint, Orientals, BLD, Scarlet Lodge, Fahrenheit and so forth. That exposed her even more to the business in music.

Pulse: What’s her style of music?

Bassey: Her music genre comprises of contemporary Gospel Rock with the influence of Soul, R&B, and Jazz Music.

Pulse: The biggest influence on her career?

Bassey: The biggest influences on her career asides her family include; Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Tarriguitari, Sinach, Vicky Yohe, and Dr Juanita Bynum.

Pulse: How much does her faith influence her music?

Bassey: BeeBee’s music is greatly influenced by her Christian faith. Her faith is the source or her inspiration and the major driving force of her music.

Pulse: Is there a world where her faith is detached from her music?

Bassey: Her faith and music are intertwined and cannot be detached. To propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her music and inspire the world can only be achieved by the grace of God.

Pulse: What’s her big dream?

Bassey: Her biggest dream is to be able to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her musical gift, touch lives and inspire the world.

Pulse: New Single?

Basseu: 'Incredible God' Is an amazing tune put together to glorify the name of God after she survived two surgeries in the same year.

You can listen to her latest single below;

Here is a link to her personal website.