‘Aiyetoro Town’ is a spinoff from ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ which has been serenading Funke Akindele’s fans on YouTube since June 2019.

On June 21, 2019, Funke Akindele’s SceneOne TV published the first episode of the series on its YouTube page.

The 313,844 subscribers of SceneOne TV have been enjoying the 30-mins long web series which already has three episodes.

New episodes of the hilarious series are released every Friday with intrigues and introduction of new faces.

With a whole new plot, ‘Aiyetoro Town’ still accommodates some of the characters of ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ that include Timini played by Tobi Makinde, Waheed played by Tope Adebayo, Laide played by Motunrayo Adegboye and Jenifa played by Funke Akindele-Bello.

‘Aiyetoro Town’s plot

Having lived in Edinburgh and experienced civilization, the Baale of Aiyetoro village, played by Femi Branch, takes on the journey to upgrade Aiyetoro to a town as well as it’s occupants without altering its traditional heritage, customs, and traditions. The antics and activities of Jenifa’s brother, his friends, Laide and other youths in the town become all the Baale and other chiefs had to worry about.

Major Characters

The Baale

Baale Aiyetoro plans to turn Aiyetoro town around while Jenifa is poised to support him. [Instagram/aiyetorotowofficial]
Baale Aiyetoro plans to turn Aiyetoro town around while Jenifa is poised to support him. [Instagram/aiyetorotowofficial]

The Baale, of Aiyetoro, Oyeniyi Johnson Gbolagade I, is played by Femi Branch. Having lived in Edinburgh and experienced civilization, the Baale is poised to take the people of Aiyetoro on the journey to upgrade Aiyetoro from a village to a town. He’s ably supported by his wife, Fadekemi played by Efe Ohorha. The Baale strives to make the youths and elders of Aiyetoro go through adult education in order to communicate effectively in the English Language.


Laide, played by Motunrayo Adegboye, first appeared in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ when she was helped by Jenifa to earn a meager salary as a maid in Lagos. She had just delivered a set of twins and had no means of catering for them, hence, Jenifa’s decision to help her stand on her feet. After a couple of misguided activities, Laide returned to Aiyetoro on the insistence of Jenifa. She has since opened a salon alongside her friend, Yetunde played by Funmi Awelewa, in Aiyetoro Town and remains a rival to Amope. 


Adigun, played by Ayanfe Adekunle, is the cantankerous friend of Jenifa’s younger brother, Waheed played by Tope Adebayo. He continues in his lazy and silly activities of disturbing the town. He is yet to slow down on his antics.


Waheed, played by Tope Adebayo, is Jenifa’s immediate younger brother. He had traveled with his mum to be with his grandmother but returned to Aiyetoro in the third episode where he joined his friends, who had been terrorising the people of Aiyetoro with their antics.


Bayonle is a new character played by Samuel A Perry popularly known as Broda Shaggi. Bayonle is a semi-literate young man selling ladies underwear, earrings and accessories in Aiyetoro town. He’s part of the characters to watch out for.


Chinedu played by Camillus Orji Ibe is another new addition to the web series. He’s a learned trader of mixed race - Igbo and Yoruba with part of his roots in Aiyetoro. He’s married to Mama Chichi played by Nkechi Blessing and is the man Friday for the Baale.