Jenifa’s office attendant, Pauline, who is fondly referred to as ‘Paupau,’ has found love in Aiyetoro.

In episode 14 of the ‘Jenifa’s Diary’s spin-off, ‘Aiyetoro,’ Pauline fondly called Paupau met Olamilekan after she arrived in the town for Jenifa’s empowerment programme.

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Pauline had first met Olamilekan fondly called Olamile-million when she went to buy suya alongside Timini on the first day of the Jenifa Hair’s crew in Aiyetoro.

Olamilekan confesses to Pauline that he loves her after seeing her in Aiyetoro. [YouTube/SceneOne TV]

Olamilekan sang for Pauline and she found it very interesting. In the following episode, Olamilekan opened up on his feelings for Pauline to which she reciprocated.

Olamilekan is the son of one of the chiefs in Aiyetoro and also the half brother to Yewande, who is a kleptomaniac and a member of Shakira faction in Aiyetoro.

Pauline and Olamilekan are inching to become an item in Aiyetoro. [YouTube/SceneOne TV]

Jenifa offered to hold an empowerment programme for youths in Aiyetoro following the new Baale’s achievements by upgrading the village into a town.

This move by Jenifa sees the staff of the Jenifa Hair traveling down to Aiyetoro to empower youths by educating them and teaching them some of the services rendered in Jenifa’s hair.

Pauline reciprocates Olamilekan's love. [YouTube/SceneOne TV]

‘Jenifa’s Diary’ and ‘Aiyetoro’ are two TV and web series created and produced by a Nigerian movie star, Funke Akindele-Bello. She features in both series and is famed for playing the lead role of Jenifa.