As Lamar Odom continues to fight for his life at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, some Twitter users have  already began pointing angry fingers at the Kardashians for being responsible for the former NBA star's mishap.

The one time Los Angeles Lakers point-man was found unconscious in a VIP suit at the Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada by two women who called 911 for immediate medical attention. Reports say no drug was found on the scene but he had been taking herbal Viagra pills and was partying for four days straight prior to Tuesday, October 13.

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Lamar, who has been dealing with the loss of his two closest friends to drug overdose, has reportedly been trying to get his act together. He even began working out again after he gained weight last June. However, TMZ reports that the ex NBA superstar may have not yet recovered from his split from ex wife, Khloe Kardashian in 2014 (Their divorced was finalized in July 2015).

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According to some Twitter users, the Kardashians abandoned Lamar at a time he needed them the most, given the fact that they were the closest persons to him throughout his marriage to Khloe! Others say the reality TV family set him up on some situations just for publicity purposes.

Lamar was bounced from entering into a club in California back in March because his ex, Khloe was in the club partying with her then new beau, French Montana. Then in August, he was accused of ambushing and harassing Khloe in front of a gym in California. An allegation he strongly denied claiming he was been set up and even went ahead to threaten the Kardashians that he would start spilling secrets if he's been used for their headlines.

Now, some claim Khloe and her family frustrated the star during their marriage and further pushed him into drug addiction and depression.  Even though, it's likely he was depressed due to the poor state of his basketball career. Khloe even claimed she hid his drug use from the press with hopes he would get help.