Juliet Ibrahim and boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, are presently on a romantic getaway in Sao Tome and these guys have some fun.

The cute celebrity couple who have been giving us couple goals for a while now might have taken it to another level as they are visiting another country and spreading their love tentacles all over.

In one of the photos posted by Iceberg Slim on his Instagram page, he captioned the photo with the hashtag "#Baecation #SaoTome." We all know how cute these guys look together and this romantic getaway says a lot about their relationship.

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We all remember the message Iceberg Slim sent to Juliet on her birthday which got a lot of people blushing

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"Happy Birthday, my Queen. Pack a LIGHT bag, bring your passport, and meet me at the airport," he wrote. Ladies and gentlemen let's just say this wasn't an ordinary message and Iceberg actually meant every single word of that statement.

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Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim visit Pulse

Remember the last time Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim were guests at Pulse, they spoke about how they met and the relationship so far.

"We met in Durban, South Africa, we were both there working on a project we were playing music for everyone through our phones and she was in charge, I wanted to connect my phone, so when I connected my phone, she was like I have these songs... I was going to play these songs. For me that was what got it for me, we had a similar taste in music," Iceberg Slim said.

The relationship between Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim gained much momentum last year after as the couple began to drop hints and finally came open.

First was when Juliet Ibrahim accompanied Iceberg Slim to his mother's burial. Then was the big one where they both got matching tattoos.