Gideon Okeke is ready to explore the privileges available in the Nigerian law in pursuit of justice following an experience of police brutality in Lagos.

A video he posted on Instagram on Sunday, December 9, 2018, reveals an injury to his chin. He submits it as an evidence after the assault also suffered by a female motorist whose vehicle collided with his.

According to the actor they were both attacked after he sought help from policemen around the Lekki 1 Roundabout. He identifies four officers as the persons responsible for the assault.

"Good evening. My name is Gideon Okeke. An actor and a responsible citizen of the city of Lagos.

"I will like to draw the attention of the office of the highest authority that this message may concern.

"There has recently been a threat on my life and my economy by men of the Lagos Division of the Nigerian Police Force for a minor accident that happened between myself and another driver Mrs Mosunmola Ilori.

"Yesterday at about 8 pm at the Lekki Roundabout, myself and Mrs Mosunmola Ilori alongside her niece were brutally manhandled by men of the Maroko Police Station after an accident that happened between us for which we were both settled and in agreement.

"The results are what you see on my face."

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The actor confirms that the nasty experience prevented him from attending the Johnnie, Jazz & Whisky (JJW), Live Music Concert at the GET Arena, Oniru, expected to hold on the evening of the incident.

Okeke explains that he had entered an agreement to host the event but could not be present due to the problem with the police.

He intends to use every means possible until justice is served. The actor is mounting pressure on social media in order to get the attention of the right people.

A post he shared after the video encouraged his followers to get the attention of those in authority to speed up the move.