In his words, Fayose said that “it is obvious that the President has failed in all ramifications, and he needs to do Nigerians a favour by relinquishing the portfolio of Minister of Petroleum.”

He narrated, while reaffirming his position that the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led federal government wants to achieve its planned increment of petrol pump price from N 145 to at least N185 at all cost, thus deliberately punishing Nigerians for the purpose.

He reiterated: “Like I said a few days ago, what the federal government is doing is to create scarcity so that Nigerians will be willing to buy at any price, provided the product is made available.”

He explained that they purposely restricted supply of petrol to NNPC alone “to achieve this planned increment of petrol pump price”, while noting that “already, fuel is being sold officially at between N180 and N200 at petrol stations across the country.”

In a release issued early on Friday, the Governor sympathized with Nigerians.

He was quoted by his Special assistant on Public Communications and News Media, Lere Olayinka to have said that “it is sad that this government had to choose this Christmas and New Year period to ground Nigeria with the fuel scarcity that it deliberately orchestrated.”

He however said: “I warned Nigerians before President Buhari was elected, and I am telling Nigerians now that the only option to rescue our country from being brought down completely is to vote out Buhari and APC in 2019.”

Article by Muhammed Adenowo.