Men, here are 4 things you do that secretly turn women on

It turns out that there are plenty of more ‘subtle’ things about a man that excites the (interest of a) woman.

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Even though treating a lady to some skillfully executed foreplay turns her on, a few of the biggest turn-ons are the most laid back non-sexual things that you do.

Seeing a man in his element is a really big turn on. So buckle up guys and do the following things more often to please your woman!

Here is a list of things that men do that turn women on:

  • Take the lead (Decisiveness)

Nothing is hotter than a man taking the lead. It makes you look confident and strong. Women want to date leaders. Although, if you do take control of every situation, get ready for the woman to leave you.

What women like is a man who steps into a sticky situation with exuding confidence, when needed and helps resolve the problem.

  • Well-groomed

Women are attracted to men who take care of themselves, their skin, their style and their dressing sense. You don’t have to spend huge money on gaining it. But you may have to pay more attention to your skin, the way you dress and style yourself.

No woman wants to feel like she is kissing a caveman. Make sure to keep the facial hair well-groomed. Grooming is also a part of your hygiene. Having good hygiene is also a turn on. Men with brown or yellow teeth look creepy.

  • Being passionate about your goal

Your ambition speaks a lot about your character. A man who is passionate about what he does is a major turn-on for women. This doesn’t mean that you always talk about work.

But being ambitious or having a goal, and busting your brains in achieving it is what women find hot. It makes you seem like you have control over your life and finances.

  • Cooking

The way to a lady’s heart, like men, is also through her stomach. You don’t have to necessarily cook her a grand meal. Although, that would win you some pretty good brownie points. Surprise your counterpart with some breakfast in bed or a home-cooked candlelight dinner.

Not just that, you could also cook with your woman. You won’t know it, but it will definitely increase your sexy quotient.


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