Sometimes you get into relationships where your partner's sibling doesn't seem to like you for no reason at all.

These happens most times with females. When a young woman realizes that her boyfriend's sister doesn't like her, how does she handle it?

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According to relationship expert and life coach, Marie Dubuque says  your boyfriend's sister may be threatened by you. If you have no ulterior motive and you're not being fake, first you have to reassure her that she still has her brother's undivided attention.

Be kind to her always, pay her enough attention and always try to draw her into your conversations when she's around.

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If it doesn't work, just keep being nice and kind to her but keep your distance. If she's a good person she'll see you are making serious efforts to please her  and you'll be surprised she'll return the favor.

Watch Marie Dubuque explain better in this short video.