Nwanchukwu Ozioko, Vast one Half of Nigerian Singing duo, Bracket is a man we love to love (pun intended). Apart from his down to earth attitude and calm demeanour,the bubbly and talented star is stylish, good looking and always effortless!

We can go on and on about this star but we love 5 things especially about this great guys.

1. He is a cancer survivor! The ever smiling act was diagnosed with cancer of the blood, he chose to tackle/treat it and he beat it!

2. He takes his grooming seriously. The singer is one that will never be caught unkempt (we ladies love that)

3. He always as a huge smile across his face, you will never see him sad/gloomy (even while he was sick, he gave us that smile that lightens anywhere everytime)

4. He is energetic and so full of life! With Vast there is no dull moment.

5. He has a body to die for! You dint think we wont love his toned body and ripped abs! We absolutely love his body!

We can go on and on but one thing remains we love Vast for days and he makes us swoon again today as our Man crush all day every day!