Summer is the time for relaxation and leisure while laying lazy on anything close to the water. It's also the time for the working class to spend a chunk of their hard-earned cash on getaways that are spent with trying to get angles right 'for the gram' than truly enjoying the moment. Shout-out to Drake's shot at the girl who dreamt of going to Rome on, 'Emotionless.'

More importantly, summer is the time to swear wild oaths, live reckless for a few weeks and get envious of trust fund babies who can afford to waste endless weeks and party with an ocean of beautiful women at an all-white party on a yacht. This summer and thanks to 'the gram' [oops], most of that takes place on the Island of Mykonos, Greece.

Since borders were declared wide open like a mouth waiting to devour some calming edibles, most of the celebrities across the world and regardless of their profession have either chose Mykonos as their spot or made a stop there. Everyone has been in Mykonos; Stormzy, Ross Barkley, Dele Alli, Kyle Walker-Pieters, Skepta, Santan Dave and so forth.

Just this morning, a look through Mayorkun's manager, Samphrank's Instagram stories reveals Nigerians having a wild time in Mykonos, Greece while playing 'Of Lagos' by Mayorkun and 'Woman' by Rema. Eva Apio has also been spotted on the famous island.

But first, what is Mykonos?

Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. According to a 2011 census, Mykoss has 10,134 inhabitants. Nicknamed the 'The Island of the Winds,' tourism is a major industry in this gay-friendly destination.

In 2019, The Sun wrote an article about how Mykonos is becoming the new Ibiza. It reads, "Clubs such as Tropicana Club attract young single travellers. Despite not being the cheapest, the party island is fast becoming the new Ibiza."

Some of the great spots on the island include, Nammos, Scorpios, Tropicana Beach Bar, Cavo Paradiso and The Skandinavian Bar.

Interestingly, it was not always like this. Travel Destination writes that, "The first tourists set foot on Mykonos Island in the ‘20s. And those are only the occasional archaeologists and lovers of antiquity with Delos Island being their designated destination.

"Then, in 1925, the first masses of Greek and foreign holidaymakers are recorded, organized mainly by Athenian-Mykonians and their friends."

That article by The Sun also reveals that, "Famous faces often spotted on the island include Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson and Alessandra Ambrosio - a far cry from the 1950s, when it was still a sleepy fishing town.

"The beaches were home to just a few local fishing boats, where men dried their nets in the sun and kids dangled their legs over the edge of the harbour. The cliffs were natural and rocky, although these are now full of hotels with infinity pools. It wasn't long until the rich and the famous arrived following World War II.

"In 1954, Queen Frederica of Greece organised a cruise around the islands for other European royals. This was followed by famous film stars of the day, including Grace Kelly and Richard Burton in the 1960s, as well as First Lady Jackie Kennedy."

So what changed the fortunes of Mykonos?

On the PR side, Delight Mykonos credits it to, "Natural beauty, the picturesque Chora and the gorgeous beaches! Above all, what makes Mykonos stand out from the international hot celebrity destinations is the impeccable services, the hospitality fusing authenticity with high end accommodation."

Other sources have attributed the attraction to be a perfect blend of the cosmopolitan lifestyle and the retention of Aegean culture. We must all note that Mykonos is not the only Greek city that has served as a viral tourist destination in recent years.

In 2018, Pulse Nigeria wrote an article about the popularity of Santorini, Greece amongst travelers and youth. To be honest, Mykonos has not even reached the level of popularity and positive PR that Santorini had in Summer 2018.

That Pulse Nigeria article attributed the popularity of Santorini to governmental investment in tourism and EU support. In the same vein, some other factors have contributed to the rise of Mykonos asides beautiful scenery and debauchery.

In 2016, Financial Times reported that Mykonos had become the most resilient property market in Greece, despite austerity threats. This made it easy for hospitality investors to encouragement to invest. Aside from that, after Greece attracted 33 million tourists in 2018, tourism accounted for 25% of its economic output.

In consequence, the Greek government approved three tourism investment schemes totaling €240.5 million or $272.85 million. Then, in the middle of COVID-19, the Greek government then approved the €60 million Mykonos project.