Road transport accounts for most of the passenger and freight traffic over

With Nigerian population increasing daily, there is growing pressure on the transport infrastructure. Rail transport is also used but adds little to the 97 percent of passenger miles that road commuting handles.

The following are the best ways to navigate around Nigeria.

1. Okada

Motorcycle taxis, or okadas are a staple in Nigeria. The name originated from Okada Air, a former Nigerian domestic airline. Despite several attempts by the authorities to discourage the business, passengers still take them to meander through the thickest traffic jams and carry people to and from rural areas.

Lagos and the northern regions of Nigeria are where motorcycles are used the most.

Tip: Ensure you have a helmet if you plan to use an okada. Most drivers have none or one.

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2. Danfo

A danfo is basically a minivan that holds from 16 to 24 people. Almost everywhere in Lagos, you can take a danfo which usually have a conductor who calls out bus stops while the vehicle is on the move. They have main pick-up points, but most times run and fill up on the routes.

Tip: Always expect loud booming music, breakdowns, and no change saga (keep some change handy to pay for your journey).

3. Private taxis

Taxis in Nigeria are usually operated by individuals mostly, but Uber and other taxi apps like Taxify, Oga Taxi are also on the scene.

A typical Lagos taxi is painted in yellow and marked with a black stripe. While Ubers are sleek new looking rides. They operate along most of the main and small roads, and are slightly costlier than danfo's but are more comfortable, no stops, and faster.

Tip: Always haggle on a price when taking a local taxi.

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4. Molue

This one is worse than a danfo. Molue's usually hold from 24-50 people in a bus. It is hot, stuffy, uncomfortable and you are bound to meet pickpockets there.

Tip: Never take this one! Avoid it at all cost.

5. Interstate

Interstate buses run both domestic and international services to various states in Nigeria and some West African cities. Buses carry passengers and goods to and from regional capitals including Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and all other states.

Reliable and comfortable bus services include God Is Good, Intercity State Transport Company (STC), VIP, Peace Transit and Chisco.

Tip: It’s better to book in advance and arrive early, especially on the more popular routes. A small tip will be expected for extra baggages.