Some borders in this world are rife with terrorist activities, crime, political instability and could be really dangerous to get across.

1. Iraq/Iran

The most dangerous border in the world is between Iraq and Iran. From the Shatt-al-Arab river to the Turkish border.

In 1980, Iraq accused Iran of illegally occupying Iraqi territory and launched missiles. The two countries signed a UN peace resolution eight years later but after the death of a million people.

However, did not stop fighting, and cross-border attacks have continued.

2. Pakistan/Afghanistan

The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called the Durand Line and stretches for 1,510 miles.

The disputes here can hardly be traced and dates back over many years.

In 2003, military forces from both sides were involved in armed conflict there and 4 years later, Pakistan began constructing fence lines as a means to keep Taliban militants from crossing. The danger here is in the lack of government control with people on all side carrying arms, and this site sees illegal smuggling, murders, and kidnappings. Most recently, a major highway connecting the two countries was closed down due to a disagreement over a Pakistani-constructed gate.

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3. China/North Korea

China and North Korea are separated by two river and the Paektu mountains. The border here has poor security fleeing North Koreans entering China. Over the last decade, both countries have begun to construct fences and walls.

There have also been reports of North Korean soldiers crossing the border to steal food and money. In April 2016, China deployed around 2,000 troops to the border after reports that Pyongyang is planning nuclear testing.

4. Colombia/Ecuador

On various occasions, the Colombian government has sent military troops into Ecuadorian territory in an attempt to attack the group called Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the People’s Army or FARC). FARC members have invaded land along the border and are an extremely violent group using mortars and landmines which have forced thousands of indigenous members off of their tribal land. The deadly group is responsible for killing over 200,000 people in the last fifty years. Recent murder rates in border towns have reached as high as 96 per 100,000 people.

5. Niger/Chad

One of the deadliest terror groups in the world, Boko Haram, can be found along the Niger-Chad border. The border town located on the Niger side, Bosso, has been attacked several times. Violence in this town has sent more than 17,000 people fleeing. These two countries have had joint army operations since the beginning of 2015.