A while back, Pulse did a story of things you should know before getting into a danfo for the first time, but one thing was missing; that you will encounter some of the funniest nicknames you’ve ever heard.

In truth, if you pay attention, you can’t walk in Lagos without hearing a wild name that would either make you question what its origin is or make you laugh like a madman.

It’s also wild that some of these names also have wild backstories to them. Pulse has then decided to bring you some of the weirdest agbero names we’ve heard over the past month;

1.) Singapore Money or Singapore for short, or Owó Okun (Sea money)

Location: Somewhere in Mushin

He claims to be unsure but theorizes that he probably got the name from a bike used to own having a ‘Singapore’ sticker and his love for money.

Apparently, he only arrived Mushin a few years prior and his nickname before then was ‘Owo Okun’ which translates to ‘Sea money’ in English.

A road in Mushin, Lagos
A road in Mushin, Lagos

Taxi, his boss at that junction, claims he started calling him ‘Money’ but claims he can’t recollect how the Singapore came about.

For nuance, ‘Singapore money’ is customized on a collared T-shirt that Singapore wears — talk about branding. Despite being married, Singapore claims the ladies love the name.

Talk about a Yoruba demon.

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2.) Eran

Location: Ebute Metta

In English, ‘eran’ simply means meat or goat, in Lagos Yoruba colloquialism. I know you’re wondering how and why a grown human being would choose such name.

Incredibly, Eran claims that’s been his name since he was young. He claims that as a kid, he was so good a liar that he always got beaten.

Interestingly, he claims his mother started calling ‘eran’ and then his siblings would call him eran to make jest of him and somehow his friends knew and then his school.

While Eran claims how knows it all sounds, he claims he’s not bothered by how he’s perceived for the name.

3.) John Scatter

Location: Lawanson, Surulere

As the name implies, the man scatters stuff. While Pulse couldn’t reach him for comment on how he came about the name, it was understood that his more brash tendencies got him the name.

Upon seeing his picture too, scatter perfectly encapsulates what his eyes look like — not rough, but definitely one of a troublemaker’s.

If it hadn’t been ‘scatter’ it would have been ‘arson’ or something.

Babatunde Yusuf A.K.A Abija
Babatunde Yusuf A.K.A Abija

4. Abija

Location: Ebute Metta

Interestingly, this name was inherited. Abija is a popular character that helps people around Ebute Metta. He also helps children get free rides to school.

This name was however passed down to Abija, by his elder brother the original Abija, a former agbero, who has since moved on.

The name itself, however, originates from the famous witch-doctor character from Yoruba Nollywood.

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5.) Epon Agbo

Location: Ikeja

This is simply a very raunchy name that means, ‘Sheep’s scrotum’. Yes. Yes, you heard that right.