Yemi Alade is not called 'Mama Africa' just for fun, she displayed that title with her looks in her new video, ‘Shekere’.

The award-winning artist released a new video on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

Shot in Kenya, Yemi Alade drew inspiration from different African cultures for the outfits she wore in the video. Alade dorns in accessories and outfits, originally made from the Maasai tribe. This tribe is a Nilotic ethnic group that is found in the northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

She was undoubtedly beautiful as she carries herself elegantly in this look. You would think she was originally from this tribe.

It's no doubt that her stylist, Wambui Thimba did a great job with this particular look. Yemi Alade was unapologetically African as she combined the look with some African cultural dance styles.

The second outfit was a red and blue gown that had a 5-step tulle attached to it. The sleeveless masterpiece had a feather that looked like a horn attached to it. The colourful and lower part of the outfit can be likened to a peacock while the feathery horn interprets a bird that wants to fly. Her makeup was slightly done to retain the natural African look.

For the next look, she rocked Ankara pants and crop top which is also African. The prints are found mostly in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Her neck was adorned with colourful beads from the Massai tribe.

She also rocked a Nigerian map, shaped like a necklace while holding the ‘Shekere’ instrument which traced her roots back to Africa.

The Ankara dress was just the perfect choice for the video. Alade rocked a 24-yard Ankara dress with a well-tied headgear from the same fabric. The print and pattern on the fabric were simply amazing.

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We spotted 2 different head-piece that was originally from South Africa [instagram/ Yemi Alade]
We spotted 2 different head-piece that was originally from South Africa [instagram/ Yemi Alade]
YouTube/ Yemi Alade

We spotted two different head-piece that were originally from South Africa on the award-winning singer. There's no doubt that Yemi Alade is proud to be African and she proves that at every opportunity she gets.