Nominated as one of the top three best-dressed male celebrities at the Africa Movies Viewers’ Choice Awards on Saturday, March 14, 2020, Denola was a beauty to behold.

Denola Grey is known to bring out the best looks on red carpets and at several other events. At the AMVCA red carpet, he didn't fall short of expectations and his looks were enough to satisfy our eyes.

In collaboration with Mazelle Studios, the fashion influencer created a look we can’t forget in a long time and we’re optimistic about it making the list of the best fashion moments of 2020.

According to Denola, the look was inspired by a piece he spotted at a Bostonian museum. The collaboration led to the design of a deconstructed 3-dimensional tuxedo that stole our hearts.

Using natural silhouettes as a medium, the detailed pleats and mesh gloves didn’t make the look overwhelming. He found a way to calm the look with a white shirt and a black bow tie.

The risk put into this look as he rocked a black boot that made the look exceptional and classy. He accesssorize the look with a ring and a rose that made him look like a prince charming.

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The look was a combination of high fashion and couture. Denola Grey ruled the red carpet and we can’t help but stan.