Think prints, colours, eclectic styling, Afrocentric details and more, the duo (Adekunle Gold meets Donald Onugha) is a style match that's unapologetically African as singer Adekunle Gold's style has fast become cool African.

Born November 23, from Imo state, Donald Onugha doesn't have a fashion degree! Though an alumnus of IMT, Enugu where he studied Accounting, he has keen eyes for unique pieces combined with a client who knows exactly what he wants and the result is the Afrocentric looks Adekunle Gold has thoroughly embraced.

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Donald Onugha is currently a designer, celebrity stylist and movie costumier. With eyes for unique details, he has been able to help give Adekunle Gold that finesse he owns. He styled Adekunle Gold's WORK video, Only Girl and Co styled No forget and has also styled a few photoshoots for the singer.

He spoke to Pulse about styling the singer, inspiration and everything in between.

On styling Adekunle Gold, his eclectic style and how he picks the pieces

Adekunle Gold is very particular about his brand and tends to appear grand at all times, be it on a stage or for his music videos. I just try to make good designs that I feel would look grand on him and get matching accessories to complete the look I envisaged. Most times, I work with other designers whom I feel can make what I want.

On how he gets inspired and creates the fusion of the Afro themed looks for the singer

I am only trying to represent culture and heritage. For instance, the Adire he wears is an emblem of the Yoruba Culture and heritage. It can be easily identified by a Yoruba man or woman.

On how he started off as a stylist and how long he's styled Adekunle Gold for

It's been quite a long time. My friends usually came to me for ideas on fashion topics and during my Youth service, I delved into a whole lot more because people came to seek my services for their photoshoots. I figured, I liked doing it and had a very big passion for fashion. So I decided to work towards it and build a brand. I've been styling Adekunle Gold for more than 2 years now.

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On creating pieces for the singer and how they collaborate?

Most times after I sketch a few designs, he selects the one he wants and also shares his ideas on new designs we should try.

On styling Adekunle Gold and thoughts about the singer's personal style

I believe he's quite stylish and will soon become a fashion icon. The last time I went with him to an event, he got on stage and people were chanting 'Fashionista'. I enjoy styling him and look forward to doing more.

On his best looks/work with Adekunle Gold till date

Adekunle Gold for Star fusion, 2017-Green Batik and Royal crown, One night stand with Adekunle Gold- Vest jacket and Royal crown and Adekunle Gold my Life video- Royal Agbada