Pregnancy is a delicate stage for women, where they have to watch for everything they do for the sake of their safety and their unborn child's.

Throughout pregnancy, women are given recommendations of food to eat while pregnant and foods to avoid. Doctors always try to provide information on the right diets. It would do you a lot of good to stick to them, especially in your first and second trimester.

Pregnant woman: Is pawpaw safe for consumption during pregnancy [Self]
Pregnant woman: Is pawpaw safe for consumption during pregnancy [Self]

Semi-ripe and unripe pawpaw are not safe for pregnant women. Studies have shown that unripe pawpaw is rich in a substance called latex which causes may trigger uterine contractions. Hence, doctors do not recommend consuming the green fruit as it may lead to adverse effects on expecting mothers. 

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Can pawpaw cause miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy?

An unripe and semi-ripe form of the fruit might increase the risk of miscarriage. The risk is high during the early stages of pregnancy as the latex in the fruit might trigger unnatural contractions, which leads to miscarriage.

Can pawpaw affect your pregnancy in its third trimester?

Avoid raw papaya in the third trimester. The latex in it could stimulate hormones responsible for contractions. Furthermore, eating green papaya might lead to hemorrhaging and bleeding from the corners of the placenta