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Female Ejaculation 5 ways to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm

It's very easy for a woman to fake an orgasm, but it's not very easy for men to notice when she's pretending.

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5 ways tell if a woman is faking an orgasm play

Female ejaculation.

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It’s actually not that hard to tell whether her orgasm is faked or genuine. Even if she is a professional pretender there are still some significant physical signs that will give her away.

Below are ways to tell if she’s truly feeling the big O or if she’s just faking it.

1. Fake sound

Is she moaning like she’s putting on the performance for best actress? Then she probably is. A woman who is really gone over the edge of orgasm isn’t going to sound fake – she may even be silent as her eyes roll back into her head and her body is wracked with spasms of pleasure. So if she’s telling the truth, she’s not going to be able to really form words or sentences.

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2. No vagina contraction

When a woman orgasms, her vagina contracts in such a way that it really cannot be faked. It’s so fast and irregular that a woman can’t mimic it on her own – it only happens that way when she’s climaxing. Sadly, you can only tell if you’ve either got your penis or your finger inside of her as she’s coming. So if you want to tell whether she’s faking it, make sure you’ve got a finger or two massaging her g-spot while you’re going down on her or fingering her.

3. No spontaneous movements

Women tend to lose control when they have an orgasm, much like you do when you have one. If this climax is the real thing, she’ll probably be making some spontaneous movements when she’s in the spasms of pleasure – such as twitching her arms or legs and making the orgasm face. So pay attention to it in secret – if her eyes are closed but her face isn’t twisted even a little bit, she’s probably not being honest about her orgasm.

4. She’s confused afterward

Although not every single time – a woman will be slightly confused after a real orgasm. She’ll have to hang out for a minute or two while she recovers her breath and her balance. If it was really good, she may take a little longer, or have trouble standing up afterward.

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5. Her clitoris isn’t delicate afterward

After an orgasm, a woman’s clitoris will be so sensitive it will likely hurt to touch it. This only lasts a few seconds, so make sure to “test” her right after her orgasm. Touch her clitoris lightly after she’s climaxed and watch her reaction. If she’s totally cool with it, she faked. If she jerks back involuntarily and almost violently, her orgasm was real. If you were giving her oral sex, just keep licking for a few seconds longer than you need to and see what happens.