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Ejaculation Here are 3 things all men need to know about the female orgasm

Women also experience something similar to ‘blue balls’.

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Here are 3 things all men need to know about the female orgasm play

Female ejaculation.


For a woman, reaching orgasm requires an excitement like no other, wherein stimulation slowly builds up until her vagina ‘surges’ and contracts almost every second.

Let's just imagine what happens to your body as you ejaculate. There’s basically a tightening in your balls and an almost liquid feeling climbing up your spine when you’re close to orgasm. This sexual experience is very similar to what a woman goes through during a female orgasm. So, here are the three things every man should know about female ejaculation.

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1. It takes the average female 20 minutes of direct stimulation to climax

If it takes men two to five minutes of direct stimulation to have an orgasm, the average female needs about 20 minutes of direct stimulation. So you should be patient, prime her up and try to hold off your own pleasure for as long as you can. This is especially true for women who have problems producing natural lubrication.

2. Women also experience something similar to ‘blue balls’

Once she gets extremely turned on, the clitoris becomes engorged with blood. If this is not released through an orgasm, she will experience the same level of pain that you feel in your penis once your sexual tension isn’t freed. So when you’re going down on her, for example, help build up the tension through stimulation so that she will reach that explosion of release.

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3. There are also health benefits for the women

Its health benefits include being less sensitive to pain, relief in menstrual cramps and it also eases stress. So sharpen your sexual techniques now in order to give that special woman in your life a female orgasm that she’s not bound to forget!