The arrest of Nigerias biggest kidnapper,

The way operatives of the Lagos State Police Command celebrated the arrest of Evans with gun shots, loud music and merriment showed that they were greatly relieved at the capture of a man who had given them sleepless nights for many years, with successive Commissioners of Police unable to bring him to justice.

However, Evans the billionaire kidnap kingpin is a mirror metaphor to who we are in this country with the way riches, wealth and affluence in celebrated without any question asked.

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Evans is not far from a true reflection of who we are in Nigeria because as long as you are rich, live in a big mansion, drive big cars and have money to throw around, no one really cares what you do or how you came about such wealth.

Those condemning Evans today are the same who celebrated him yesterday, worshiped the ground he walked on, sang his praises to high heavens, adore him and wished to be like him.

If he went to church, he would have been made the chairman of the building committee, ordained an elder, inducted into the board of trustees, given a special seat beside the Daddy and used as a preaching point on how to sow seeds and give to the expansion of the work of God.

If Evans was into politics, some politicians would have adopted him as their godfather and financier and when the get elected or rigged into power as the case maybe, Evans would have been on their payroll, given juicy contracts as compensation and consulted before any decision is taken.

Women too are not lost on such men as long as they make and dole out huge money. During the parade of Evans at the police command headquarters, some women were overheard commenting on his handsomeness and fresh look and how he is a clean husband material. That is the kind of society we live in where no one cares how you make your money as long as you make it.

Evans parents too, like most parents in Nigeria, must have indirectly pushed him into the crime world with the pressure they mount on their children to make money like their mates, not minding how the mates made their money.

With Evans arrest, his community, Umudim in the Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State has disowned him, saying he did not invest in the community. If Evans had gone home often and thrown money during festivals and other occasions, he would have been given titles such as Eze Ego 1 [Kingof Money] of Umudim, Ebube Dike [Glorious hero] of Umudim, Ome Lo Ra, [one who does everything for everyone], Uba Zuo Oke of Nnewi [rich and very philanthropic] and the Ome Ego 1 [the man of great wealth] of Umudim.

But according to the Obi of Umudim, Chief Benneth Okafor, Evans was not known in the community because he did not come home and did not invest in the area. This is a clear indication that he was excommunicated because he failed to allow his wealth flow to the people, irrespective of how he got it, legally or illegally.

A visit to the street where Evans had his mansion in the Magodo Phase II GRA also revealed that the residents revered him because he was very rich and lived in great opulence. Some residents who spoke with Pulse said they were surprised that such a wealthy man lived amongst them and never showed his 'true' colour.

Evans was described as a very unassuming and quiet philanthropist who helped people quietly without drawing attention to himself. A security guard in the street said that Evans was the toast of all as he was very friendly and gave out cash whenever he was driving out or coming into the estate and all the security men looked forward to his visit.

A car washer where Evans patronized said that he gave tips like a king while a barber who said he often went to Evans' house for home service narrated how he always longed for his calls because he knew he would get more than he charged.

The journalists who are feasting on Evans' story today would have been the same people to lay siege to his house to try and get interviews on his rise to grace in the hope of getting the ubiquitous brown envelopes in return to a prime place in their publications.

So Nigerians acting surprised as Evans atrocities are being unveiled is just in our character because no one would have dared question him instead, they will flock around him to have a piece of the action.

The likes of Evans are not new in our society as they are a reflection of who we really are. They go to churches to give testimonies we know are not true but we clap and rejoice with them.

There are Evans in all spheres of life in Nigeria today and we do not care as long as they use their ill-gotten wealth to intimidate us.

There are Evans in our political sphere and our youths are very comfortable with being their touts, thugs, and fighters who get themselves killed while their families are comfortably shielded in their palatial mansions in Europe and other parts of the world.

There are Evans in our churches where the GOs suddenly become owners of private jets, Yachts, drive expensive cars and all we say is that our God is not a poor God while the members are among the poorest of the poor.

Their children cannot attend the private schools set up by the religious bodies yet they are the first to attack anyone who questions the atrocities committed by the men of God.

They are quick to quote the Bible to support the fact that you should not touch an anointed of God.

We see civil servants who become owners of stupendous wealth, building massive properties their salaries can ill afford even in a thousand years, but we extol their virtues and call them smart and hold them up as beacons of excellence.

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Yet we are all quick to condemn Evans, the billionaire kidnapper because he has been arrested, forgetting there is an Evans in every one of us because his making is a clear reflection of who we really are.

There are a million and one Evans waiting in the wings, ready to explode as long as the society keeps placing serious emphasis on the acquisition of wealth, legally or illegally. If a half-baked politician could amass unbelievable wealth in less than four years, who says the Evans we are breeding will go underground?