Nigerians are going crazy over a new sex doll by the name of Shakira.

The image of the lifelike doll was posted early on Monday, January 15, 2018 on Twitter. The curvaceous doll trended soon enough and had many Nigerians talking about it.

Some of the tweets are just way too hilarious. You can read some of them below;

How Nigerians are reacting to the new innovation

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Price and features

The doll itself costs $2,2,89 which is over N800,000.  The statistics of the doll are height: 5ft 4 inch, Full Bust: 37.8 inch, Waist: 26.4, Hips: 43.3 inch and Weight: 48.5kg.

Sex robot

In related news, The creator of controversial sex robot popularly called Harmony, has introduced an improved version named Solana equipped with a removable face and changeable mood.

Designer Matt McMullen made the announcement on the evening of Thursday, January 11, 2018, in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to the Mirror UK News, the new appeal "comes with a new face and personality." A noticeable feature in the sex robot is perhaps a capability which allows users to change her mood and personality with a mobile app.

“The face is actually modular, the same way that within the app you can change the personality settings and create a separate profile and separate avatar, you’re able to remove and attach a different face to the same robot very easily.

“And anyone can do that,” says McMullen while describing some of the new features observable in the product.

Users are also able to determine the personality of Solana which allows them to explore the Artificially Intelligence (AI) machine, which was created in the year 2017, by Abyss Creations, LLC located in San Marcos, California, to its maximum potential.

The latter is considering taking the creativity to improving on the tactile capabilities of Solana who will be able to respond to touches as part of an anticipated improvement.

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This will be done through a development of new, heated bodies equipped with sensors the Mirror UK reported.

“I’m pretty gung-ho now about getting movement, working on the neck down.

“I’ve built a torso that moves and gyrates. I’m working on the arms as we speak,” Mullen spoke excitedly concerning plans to make this a reality.

The appreciation for Solana by customers has encouraged its creator to reveal an intent to work on a male robot which is expected to provide satisfaction to its users just like female contemporaries.

While dealing with skepticism concerning if the futuristic robot can possess a bionic penis, Mullen made clear that it will possess sexual organs.

“But yes, obviously the male robot would have the capability of having sexual parts attached to him,"

"I’m thinking more something that would function the way the male anatomy functions would be really cool – actually able to be stimulated and become aroused,” he said.

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