And to cap it all up, he spends the money on women outside and has refused to behave like a responsible husband and father.

She is now worried about his lifestyle and is not sure she can cope any longer as he has refused to change.

Read her story here:

"My name is Vivian, a 36-year-old married woman with two children.I have been married to Paul for nine years now but he has one nasty habit that is making me very sad and to the point of considering divorcing him.

My husband has been stealing my money and whenever I find out and accuse him, he will either tell me that what belongs to me belongs to me and at other times, he would beat me up.

I have been into different businesses even before we got married and I beat my chest to say that I spent over N1 million but I did not mind because I was very much in love with Paul. Mind you, it was not as if I was desperate to get married at that time, so assisting him with money for our wedding just came naturally.

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Though Paul worked with an Insurance company, his salary is not that much but I have never complained because I wanted us to build a home together, believing that a woman can help her man to get to a higher height.

Thinking back now, I believed that Paul started stealing my money while we were dating because anytime he came to visit me, I will notice some of my money missing but I always blamed my two younger brothers who stayed with me.

Never in my wildest dream would I have suspected my fiancee that he was actually the one who was pilfering my money.

After our wedding, Paul said he would like to quit his job and go into a business and I saw that as a very good decision but he did not have any money to start, so I gave him N2 million as capital.

But in six months, the business collapsed and I was to later find out that my husband had been spending the profit coming from the business on women.

For the period he stayed at home after the collapse of the business, Paul became a liability to me and after a lot of quarrels, I had to source for funds and gave him again to go into another business but that one also went down the drain.


Over the years, my husband has been in and out of jobs and has not been able to hold down anything. In the process, he kept stealing my money and spending them on women.

I am really fed up and if this continues, I will have no option but to divorce him and take my children with me.Vivian."

The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Vivian should do in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

Vivian should divorce Paul because he is not serious - 24%

Vivian should continue to endure her marriage instead of divorcing Paul - 12%

Vivian should pray seriously for God to change Paul - 35%

Vivian should report Paul to his family elders to talk to him - 29%

What would be your vote on this issue?