He told her he is no more interested in sex as he has had enough over the years and has even encouraged her to get a man outside if she wants sex.

Don't you think he is practically setting a trap for her to fall into?

Read her story here:

"My name is Eve, a 30-year-old mother of two kids. I have been married for eight years now and my husband, Henry, is 38-years-old but his lack of interest in sex in driving me crazy.

When we got married, sex seemed to be the only thing on Henry's mind as he was always in the mood. We would make love between four to five times before morning but when he wakes up, he will be ready to go for it again.

There were days he skipped work and we would spend the whole day making love. We had sex in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the car, just anywhere it caught our fancy.

I became the envy of my friends whenever we tell women stories as many of them felt I had the perfect marriage with some even begging me playfully to allow them to have my husband just for a day.

But after we had our two kids, I began to notice Henry's disinterest in sex and his performances began to dwindle. When we had sex on a regular basis, it trickled down to twice a week till it petered out and we could for two months without sleeping together.

At first, I was not bothered as I thought he would come round to it after the babies are weaned but I was wrong because Henry began to starve me of sex for months on end.

It got to a point I would be begging him to sleep with me but he would rebuff me. At times, he would tell me I should relive the moments we had sex every other day and wallow in the fantasy.

When I pestered him for long, he told me he was no more interested in sex as he had had enough to last him a lifetime.

He even told me sex is not food and that if I feel so sex starved, I should get a man to satisfy me. That statement has left me thinking if I should not heed his advice and get a man to satisfy me in sex since my husband is no longer interested in sex.

I am still a young woman who loves and enjoys sex and though many will say sex is not everything, others will agree with me that every normal woman needs sex regularly.


The teaser for the day was:

Should Eve take her husband's advice of getting a sex partner?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, since he is no more interested in sex - 24%

No, he is just setting a trap for her - 32%

Since he is the one that made the suggestion, she should go ahead - 19%

Sex is not food and Eve should learn to cope - 25%

How would you vote here?