Readers say Edobor should send Ebere packing

54% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters all say that Edobor should send his wife packing for beating up his own mother over a minor issue.

It takes a lot for a man to cry

Ebere always gets into fights with neighbours and is known as a terror in any environment they find themselves in but little did Edobor know she would turn on his own mother.

Read his story here:

"My name is Edobor, a 42-year-old man living with my family in Lagos. I am from Edo State but married to an Igbo lady from Anambra State.

I have been married to Ebere for 12 years now but I am now regretting why I refused to heed the advice of my mother not to marry her.

I now know that my mother must have seen something I did not see because my wife has caused me so much trouble and heartache.

My wife is so troublesome and violent that she has fought all the tenants in the houses we have lived in. She is very quick tempered and uses anything she lays her hands on when fighting.

We have been evicted from three apartments since we got married due to her problems and I have had to be arrested and detained after she injured the wife of a police officer in our neighbourhood.

I can't begin to go into details the troubles my wife has caused me and my family in the past 12 years though I always tried to keep the family together because of our two kids.

But this time, she has overstepped her bounds and I know this is the last straw. You cannot imagine that my wife beat up my own mother when she came to pay us a visit and receive some medical attention.

I was at work when a fellow tenant called me and told me to hurry home. When I asked him what was going on, he said he could not say it on phone but insisted I should come back home fast.

When I got home, I saw a crowd of neighbours and other residents gathered in and around my flat and I knew something was wrong. My first thought was that my mother had died as I walked into the room on rubbery legs.

I was shocked to see my mother lying on the floor of the sitting room with blood gushing out of her head. I also saw some women holding down my wife who was in her underwear still fuming like a wounded tigress.

When I asked what happened, I was told my wife beat up my mother because she asked to be served food for her to take her medicine.

It was only God that saved Ebere that day because the men who were there held me back when I charged at her. maybe I would have murdered her that day.

While I rushed my mother to a hospital, I told Ebere that if I came back to meet her in the house, her dead body would be sent to her family and I meant what I said.

Good for her because I did not meet her when I came back as she had hurried over to her sister's place where she has been staying since then

She has been begging since then, sending emissaries and church members to plead on her behalf but I don't think I can take back a woman who wanted to kill my own mother.


The teaser for the day was:

How Nigeria voted:

I will send her packing immediately - 54%

I will give her the beating of her life - 6%

I will forgive he if she apologizes to my mother - 29%

I will also beat up her mother - 11%

How would your vote swing here?


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