Politics might be a big deal to millions of Americans but others think it is a joke.

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Who is Harambe? He was a gorilla who was shot and killed in May when a toddler fell into his pit in a zoo in Cincinatti. The death of the gorilla went viral and there was general sympathy for the dead primate.

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Apparently the sympathy for Harambe hasn't died down and during the presidential elections, 11,000 Americans voted for him to become President. You can only get this type of news in America.

So, why would Americans vote for a gorilla? Well, here are the most plausible reasons.

1) Tired of the electoral system

A lot of Americans are tired of the electoral and political system in America. The two-party system had deeply divided their country and slowed down progress. The Republicans are fighting the Democrats and the Democrats can't stand the Republicans. The bickering and fighting has left many Americans jaded. At the ballot box, some Americans preferred to vote for a dead gorilla than a Republican or a Democrat.

2) Protest on animal rights

The 11,000 vote for Harambe could be a vote for animal rights. Activists for animal rights were angered with the way Harambe was killed. They felt it was a wrong way to treat a peaceful animal that didn't pose any threat to the child. And as you know Americans love to protest. The votes for Harambe was a protest vote.

3) Sympathy

While some protested others just felt sympathy for the dead gorilla. They knew there was no way he was going to win but they decided to vote for the animal as a way of showing sympathy to the way he was murdered.

4) Joke

Americans love to joke around. America is the capital of entertainment in the world and the home of celebrities. Americans always see the humour in everything even a Presidential election. While some were dead serious about the electoral process, some just decided to laugh about the whole thing.

5) Hey, its America

At the end of the day, no one can understand Americans. Even someone as crazy as Donald Trump could become President, then it's possible that some people would come out to vote a dead gorilla. It's just the American way, anything and everything is possible.