Sahara reporters have now released a video showing members of the Nigerian Army cadet torturing a young man for calling their female colleague beautiful.

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The officers caught on tape seemed very young and new to the system, as Nigerians are have come to realise that they are usually the most power drunk.

The torture begins with the man being made to squat while the female officer continually slapped him across the face as another young boy, possibly a teenager but also a member of the cadet, laughed.

Other officers that had seen what was going on and stepped closer to make inquiries, only joined in beating up the young man.

The young man is later made to join another man in serving some sort of punishment in a bush close by.

The video has caused serious outrage amongst those who have seen it, asking for the Nigerian Army to do something about it.

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We had once been of the opinion that the Army was meant to protect and serve us not pick on us as has become the order of the day in Nigeria.

Watch clip in pulse video below.