Kenyan radio station, Hero Radio, is gradually turning into a much hated station in that country as many of its people are not happy with the was the station has been going about exposing some sordid acts that are being perpetuated in the society.

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Few days after the station aired an interviewed with a married woman who claimed she has been sleeping with dead men as part of her money making rituals, the state revealed another shocking audio interview with another lady who confessed that she has been having sex with her father for years.

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According to the interview, the lady who is 25-years-old, confessed that she has been having sexual relations with her father  for four years, stating that her dad is hot, good in bed, rich and spoils her with anything she wants, unlike her boyfriend who is stingy.

She also told the interviewer that she was the one who seduced her father and that she actually envies her mother.

Listen to the audio interview here.