On Thursday evening Holy Field was the outright champion of the Hennessy VS Class – Class of 2016, after going head to head in the semi-finals & final stage with Full Effex, Kursor & Stonaman.

The Edo-born lyricist joins the select class which includesVemor, Obadice, Eclipse, Fatboi, Phlow, Blaqbone, Dris, Maximum & Mr. MarkN members of the Class of 2014 and 2015.

On a cold and chilly Thursday evening the was "on fire" as the biggest emcees were all in attendance to witness the crowning of the winner of the Hennessy VS Class - Class of 2016, the competition was down to four emcees who had made the cut from the knockout rounds and now had to battle each other to be crowned champion.

Vector, Ycee, Illbliss, Shaydee, Mojeed, Ozone, King K and members of the previous "Hennessy VS Class - Classes" were part of a full house and they all set the ball rolling as they warmed the mic for the big battle ahead.

Hosts Douglas and Jimmie made sure this was a finale that lived to the billing as they put the finalists through the grilling rules and procedures of the semi-final and final phases, there were also some surprise guests; Priye Isokari from Aristokrat Records was at the studio briefly when he spoke about his collaboration with Hennessy Artistry for the Hennessy VS Class project with all of their winners & Toolz came on the show just in time to announce the eventual winner and spit some bars of her own.

Joining the Class of 2014 and the Class of 2015 Holy Field becomes the only member of the Hennessy VS Class - Class of 2016. His rhyming in quick succession and heavy hitting punchlines are reminiscent of boxing legend Evander Holy Field's ruthlessness in the ring.

All members with the inclusion of previous Classes will be awarded studio time, an album production with some of the best hip-hop producers, music video shoots, coaching and A&R sponsored by Hennessy. Hennessy Artistry is serious about music and the Hennessy VS Class is an initiative created to show appreciation to Hip Hop – one of the various music genres Hennessy Artistry celebrates. The Hennessy VS Class promotes Hip Hop music, Hip Hop culture, and undiscovered talent.

After the show's Chief Correspondent Dayo Showemimo was quoted saying; "It's sad that brands don't do enough to support rap.

Rap is hip hop, rap is intelligent, it's real hard work and it's a shame if these raw talents are forced to bend the rules and water down the quality of Rap in the name of making commercial music simply because brands and fans don't come through for them. Good thing Hennessy is not giving up on rap."

This season has created so much buzz for hip hop in Nigeria! To watch previous episodes of this season and previous seasons search for “Hennessy Nigeria” on YouTube. Facebook - @HennessyNigeria, Twitter - @hennessynigeria, Instagram - @hennessy_ng

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