A few weeks ago, after a said side-chick had enough guts to drag a woman’s husband with her, the main

It was one of the few moments when Twitter NG banded together, unified by the force of unison to address a wrong. Pulse dropped an article on revenge pornat the time.

As a matter of policy, revenge porn should be outlawed across civil societies where human beings are expected to evaluate reasonably and act accordingly.

Earlier today, Wednesday, December 12, 2018, a fairly revealing, but ultimately overstated video of DMW singer and 2018 breakout star, Peruzzi and a young woman leaked on the Internet.

In the video, Peruzzi was seen sleeping while she kissed him and made a video through a phone. Peruzzi became the latest casualty in the supposed ‘record of shame.’

Precisely, it was - depending on who you believe - “leaked” or publicised by Twitter accounts; @BimbogrammPR and @EnigmaWalexy.

For further information, this record has Davido an eminent inductee of ‘letting the women sleep over.’

Immediately, different sections of Twitter erupted in equal doses of jubilation of another busted ‘scummy’ Nigerian man — though Peruzzi belongs to no woman we know of — and outrage over the audacity the young lady and the ‘leaker’ to both cover and/or release the video. Some Peruzzi fans were also emotional for whatever reason.

First off, everybody should calm down

This is not revenge porn. At least, not until something changes. In a video recorded by DMW boss and Nigerian superstar, Davido, Peruzzi can be seen laughing as Davido — being a veteran in this business —  told him “welcome to the club.”

That said, no form of racy nudity made the very short video. It was just a fleeting moment of a supposed ‘post-carnal revelation’ — at least, it looked like that.

At an instance, the video results from overzealous actions of a young woman, keen to let the world know she scored a UEFA Champions League final hat trick by bedding a viral superstar.

At its worst, the video seems a brazen, insensitive action of an overzealous girl, so keen on making a statement in her group chat and to her ‘haters’ that she abused Peruzzi’s personal space and privacy for a moment of fleeting fame.

Though celebrities have anything but private lives, nobody deserves to have his private business aired in public over the vanity of another in this internet age where word travels fast. Peruzzi is a victim of the drama.

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Keep The Same Energy I: Sexual Liberation and why Peruzzi has no fault in this

Peruzzi is a victim in all this drama. Sections of Twitter, who canvass sexual liberation have carried their regular hypocritical bias on their heads.

Peruzzi was not irresponsible or careless for ‘allowing himself’ be shown in a video with a girl capable of recording a video of him.

If women canvass sexual liberation alongside one person not being responsible for the actions of the other, Peruzzi is faultless in this.

First off, Peruzzi is a celebrity. The reality of that is also that he is a perfectly healthy, heterosexual and good looking man with scores of admirers.

Scores of people out there have hourly fantasies of their favourite celebrities nigh delightful night dreams of kinky encounters, probably involving some meticulous fetishes, involving broomsticks, whips, and whatnot.

Thus, if Peruzzi doesn’t want women, women will want him because that’s the reality of the world we live in. Irresponsibility is, however, another conversation entirely.

If women have been canvassing sexual liberation of women, why should Peruzzi suddenly become irresponsible for having sex? Let the goalposts stay where they are while we keep the same ‘pheromone-infested’ energy.

Why should Peruzzi also be blamed for a girl’s actions when he was asleep at the time? I didn’t realize an ability to read minds was a major criterion for celebrity.

Has recording a supposed post-coitus video also become a major requirement for hooking up? I also didn’t realize Peruzzi was meant to know that she was going to record a video.

If we should all be sexually liberated, Peruzzi has a right to have sex so far as the girl is not underage and it was consensual.

If slut-shaming is now an offence by the authoritarian laws of political correctness, with the word, ‘slut’ now a normalized colloquialism, f**kboyshaming should also be an offence.

It is an age of sexual liberation, no goalpost shifting, plis dears.

If having sex was what Peruzzi did wrong, then those pushing those narratives have scored an idealistic own goal. What a wawu

Keep The Same Energy Part II: Consent

It’s incredible how the very pushers of consent got conveniently stuck in the land of troll and aproko when this video dropped.

One can only imagine how ‘consent’ will rightly be the watchword if the case had been reversed — a man recording a favoured female artiste while they were presumably naked and in bed OR just imagine she was a guy and Peruzzi was a woman.

That guy’s head would now be roasted burnt offering to the gods of outrage while a knife emblazoned with ‘consent’ would have been used to cut that head apart for communal feeding by 'the outraged'.

Since I cannot imagine this outrage, I just hope ASUU calls off the strike so the lady in the video can go back to school.