In a 12 minute clip that was uploaded on her Youtube page over the weekend, Waje in an emotional outburst lamented about the state of the music industry and the reception of fans towards her music.

Opening with a series of screenshots of social media users discussing the state of the Nigerian music industry and the attitude towards what they perceive as 'good music' with her name regularly in the mentions, Waje is seen on a bed with her hair undone and no form of makeup worn as she flips through her phone soaking in all that was been said about her music and the poor reception by the fans.

Then she is seen in a phone conversation with her friends identified as Fatima and Tolani [Who later show up at her house] as she expresses her frustrations at how her efforts into the music is not getting its due reward.

''I know how much time and effort has gone into this particular album... I'm at that point where I'm just... maybe it is time to just bow out,'' she expressed.

She further spoke about ''bowing out when the ovation is loudest.'' ''I don tire,'' she cries, ''I don't have faith in this anymore... I am not willing to do this thing anymore... Do you know how much I have invested in this career thing?''

The singer further spoke about her many responsibilities including balancing her life as a mother and making music for love without gratification.

''I don't want to be in the class of artists that have failed, I don't want to be in that class. I just know that I have come to the point where I just don't think its working for me anymore,'' she concluded.

Waje at the recent premiere of her debut co-produced movie 'She Is' [PULSE]
Waje at the recent premiere of her debut co-produced movie 'She Is' [PULSE]

Waje has been in the industry for over a decade since she added her vocals to P-Square's hit record, 'Do Me' in 2007.

She later released her self titled debut album, ''Waje'' in 2013 and followed it up with her sophomore project, ''Red Velvet'' in 2018.

Despite her outstanding talent, her music outputs tends to come in bursts, which has led to fans in the past calling for more music from her.

Together with her long time friend, Omawumi, she recently co-produced her first movie, ''She Is'', a film that talks about dealing with life as single parent.