The first time I paid serious attention to Prince Spido was in early 2018, during a Concert The Big Hangout in Port Harcourt, River state.

one of the Biggest Concert Hosted in Port Harcourt City, He was just a young man who found Passion In Music, Soundcloud Artist and Across the world, SoundCloud was quickly becoming the digital Apollo Theatre for a generation of Artists in Nigeria, it was no different.

However, Prince stood out from the male-dominated pack—who were innovating new sounds over the same old testosterone-fuelled themes of adolescent rebellion, sex and drugs—by making more introspective (and often emotional) music. And although to Her did not go viral, it created a niche of hardcore fans, dubbed the Ladybugs who, like Ibrahim, would champion his music.

Prince Emeka Achor also known as Prince Spido is a singer, songwriter and a performing artist best known for his singles “Solewike” and “Chiquilla”. Was born on the 2nd October Year (Unknown) He is an American citizen but raised in Nigeria. Prince Spido officially started music in 2013. Most of his musical concerts which brought him to lime light were performed in Port Harcourt. He is a versatile musician who can perform in all genre of music.

On an interview Prince Achor stated that music awakens the soul. He went forward to appreciate his fans and supporters for allowing his music in their hearts, he also stated that “Music is my life, I see myself doing nothing but music, I have a deep passion for music” . Though not signed into any record label, Prince Spido is making waves as a young artist and also making efforts for advancement in his music career.

Following the footsteps of previous generations of rock stars, from King Sunny Ade to D’Banj, a lot of Prince peer (such as Odunsi The Engine and Santi) were building stardom on the foundation of exclusivity and prima-donna tendencies. However, Prince was building his on vulnerability and providing access to his personal space.

He engaged with followers on Twitter daily over everything from her love-hate relationship with Arsenal FC to responding to pleas for new music from his fans and vitriol from trolls egging him to quit.

He still Shines.

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