Nollywood veteran

Directed by Moses Inwang, the movie also stars Wale Ojo, Bobby Obodo, Kunle Remi, Esther Eyibio, Francis Ochie, Elvina Ibru among others.

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Speaking to Hip TV on the movie that is set to bring her back to the screen after three years, the actress said "Alter Ego" is amazing."

"For a very long time, I couldn't find a script that appealed to me," she continued.

"I got to a point in Nollywood and filmmaking where the more I went out of the country and mixed with my colleagues internationally, I began to understand how much people respected my brand and what they expected of me, because when you’re back here you just get caught up in your normal stuff. You don't really understand how big or should I say how much people expect of you, and so you are in your feelings."

Every year you have someone asking me, “Omotola are you not doing movies again? Why are you not in movies?” but I said to myself until my find that project. It doesn't have to be a multi-million naira project, but when I find that movie, that setup, that character that inspires me, I don't mind even investing in it, but I will do it."

And luckily, after three years or more, "Alter Ego" came along. I had to work with them on the script, but that was something there. I saw a crew for the first time. In a long time I haven't seen that in Nollywood, everybody is kind of like set in their ways. But I saw these guys who are ready to just push boundaries, and I am ready with them."

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Speaking of the release date for the movie, the actress said the movie was previously set for a December release, but that might have to change because of her traveling schedule.

The "Ije" actress recently made the South Africa ELLE magazine’s list of 50 Incredible Women.