The Voice Nigeria first runner-up,

According to Osebuka, Patoranking taught him what he needed to appear as a complete artist. He also spoke on his thoughts as regards winning the competition, and his plan for the future.

Read excerpts from interview and watch video below.

On his audition:

There is this thing about when you get to a place where they want to select singers, and there are a lot of other talented singers, and sometimes you're distracted by listening to every other person around you. It can be very scary, but all I did was hold my nerves, choose the right song, go in there, and just believe in what I do.

On being nervous:

I was a bunch of nerves at the beginning when I first started because It's live TV. Once something happens, it can't be edited. Any of your mistakes, whether it is with your singing or the things you say, it goes live. So it was really scary. But with time, when you relax and try to enjoy yourself, the nerves just go away.


On thinking he would win the competition:

In a show like that where you know there are a lot of fantastic singers, you cannot take anything for granted. You can't just believe 'hey I'm going to win this.' You have to keep that belief on to be able to put out your best, but then you can't afford to be cocky about it, because every other person is fighting for the same thing you're fighting for.

So for me, I just worked as hard as I could, and just prayed that everything went well. So hearing the final result, I was like 'well, I got as far as I should go, as far as God wanted me to go.' So I was fine with it.

On being coached by Patoranking:

He looked out for me a lot in terms of advice, in terms of 'ah Chike, if you dey sing to babe, na like this you go dey sing am?" You know he has a lot of experience in music, so I learnt a lot from him because he always wanted the best for me. Teaching me how to swag up a bit, because normally I am very reserved. So associating with him and he does a few things, you pick up all those things you need to appear as a complete artist.

On what next:

For me, after The Voice is recording. Trying to find my sound, because there is a great difference between doing a cover of people's songs. The songs are already laid out, all you have to do is put great vocals in it. But now it's back to the scratch, creating your own sound. You don't want people watching and saying "na this guy be that?"

The singer also spoke on the most dramatic thing that happened he experienced on show as a contestant, which of his performance stood out, among other interesting things.

On July 31, 2016, Chike emerged the first runner-up on competition, beating the equally talented Cornel and  Brenda.

Chike performed a rendition of James Arthur’s “Roses,” which got him the first four-turns of the night during his blind auditions. He went for team Patoranking.