Ahead of the main task of the day which is the much-awaited drama, Big Brother gave the housemates an exercise which is an opportunity for them to express their painting abilities.

All housemates were first of all given materials to take up the task which included painting materials and aprons which they all wore to protect themselves from the stains of the painting.

Let's just say some of these guys really got game when it comes to painting as we got to see the different side of the housemates.

For some like Omashola who probably has one of the best paintings, it was more like a personal task for him. Your favourite fintech girl, Jackye was also one of the housemates who gave it her all to the task.

Even though it wasn't really clear what Ike was trying to paint, he seemed dedicated to the exercise. The housemates used this opportunity to bond also as they shared jokes while getting the task down.

Maybe this was Biggie's way of trying set the housemates in a lighter and less intense mood right before the main task of the day.