In what was the 10th Saturday Night party, Khafi, Mercy, Venita, and Tacha drank and danced to DJ Enimoney’s wizardry on the turntables. Here's what went down at the 10th Saturday Night Party in the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2019 Pepper Dem.

For the 10th Saturday Night Party, which took place on September 7, 2019, interesting activities went down in the club.

The 10th Saturday night party has seen viewers rating it as a golden affair because of the outfit of some of the female housemates.

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And the drama returns after the Saturday Night party. Mercy had scores to settle with Venita and an ax to grind with Khafi. Omashola and Venita got drunk while Tacha and Seyi made up after a long week of altercations, heated arguments, and exchange of invective.

Seyi was one of the housemates that made an highlight at the 10th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

Here are some of the things that happened at the 10th Saturday Night Party that you might have missed.

1. Mercy and Ike remains the hottest couple

Mercy and Ike took their position as the official first couple of the ongoing BBNaija season 4 tagged Pepper Dem. The two housemates and Heads of House had more time to bond with another on the dance floor. Unlike the early days of their relationship, Ike now dances more with his lover leaving little or no space for other male housemates to rock Lamborghini Mercy.

2. Tacha and Seyi made up

Tacha and Seyi made up at the 10th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

Tacha and Seyi made up at the 10th Saturday Night Party after a long week of altercations, heated arguments, and exchange of invectives. The pair, ‘TataSe,’ pulled a fast one on people during the party as they danced together with nary a care in the world. The tension between these two seemed to vanish as they danced away their quarrel.

3. Diane and Elozonam 

Though Diane is yet to give a definite response to Elozonam after confessing an undying affection for her, the two made the dancefloor a good view. Diane and Elozonam took time to enjoy each other’s company the same way other couples decided to let off some steam.

4. The runway show

Mike, Venita, Diane decided to strut the runway at the 10th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

In between the grooving, some of the Pepper Dem Gang thought it nice to spice up the 10th Saturday Night party with a runway show. Mike, Venita, and Khafi strutted the dancefloor moving along to the banging beats from DJ Enimoney while Elozonam took over the role of a cameraman.

5. DJ Enimoney dished out any songs

DJ Enimoney is the 10th DJ to serenade the housemates and the 12 remaining housemates got any songs from the gbedu master. When the Housemates heard the vibes been churned out by DJ Enimoney, they had no choice but to turn up. After an intense week in the Big Brother Naija House, it was refreshing to see the Housemates let it out on the dance floor. 

10th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

6. Mercy avoids dancing with male housemates 

Mercy seems to have resolved to ensure Ike gets no-strike after every Saturday Night Party. Her conscious effort to refuse dancing with any of the male housemates is working. However, Omashola found favour in Mercy’s sight as she danced with him while Ike feels no ill towards him - Omashola holds a special place in Ike’s heart.