Following the highly publicized breakup between Maje Ayida and OAP Toke Makinwa, Maje Ayidas mistress, Anita Solomon has just revealed she is a single mum.

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The lawyer took to Instagram yesterday, August 2, 2016 sharing photos of her one year old son, Micah. "The journey of loving my son has been such a rewarding experience... I won't trade for anything! Watching him grow into a beautiful boy leaves me speechless most times.

The gift of motherhood is every moment to Cherish. Though I'm not worthy, but I'm thankful. I love you bambi, you are such a blessing to me, and you make mama proud! #micah #myheart #mypride #myjoy #mymostpreciousgift #blessed #growandshine #toddler #lovemyson #godsgift #mummysprince #singlemom motherhood," she captioned the post.

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All this comes after Toke Makinwa in her divorce suit filed against Maje Ayida accused him of “adultery” and “cruelty”.

According to her, Maje had repeatedly sent text messages to Anita Solomon inviting her to live with him. Maje claimed to not have money to take care of her and pay their bills, but was able to pay for Anita’s upkeep and travel expenses to the UK to have their baby.

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He also became physically and emotionally tied with his baby mama following the birth of their child.

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