Rihanna's upcoming album and tour will be sponsored by South Korean electronics giant Samsung for a deal worth $25 million, reports The Post.

Rihanna, known for hit songs such as 'Umbrella' and 'Rude Boy,' is signed to Roc Nation, run by rap mogul Jay Z, who has had a long and profitable relationship with Samsung.

According to reports, the singer's new deal follows seven months of talks and is the biggest music-marketing tie-up in recent memory.

"Hammering out the details took longer than expected in part because Rihanna made some last-minute tweaks to the album," a source said.

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The news of Rihanna's juicy deal comes just a day after reports that reps of British star Adele are pushing Apple — and perhaps other companies — for a $30 million commitment to back her upcoming album and an as-yet announced world tour.

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Meanwhile, Rihanna, 27, is releasing an album in the next few weeks, reportedly titled 'Anti.' It will be her eighth studio album. She has talked about wanting to approach an album release in a fresh way.

Roc Nation and Samsung are yet to make the deal public