The bond between twins they say, is unbreakable, even more solid when they are identical.

Well, it seems since 2014, that solid bond between Peter and Paul (Psquare) has been tested frequently.

The brothers over their long career have fallen out on three different occasions which have been public and nasty.

  • Later that month, both Peter and Paul Okoye appeared together publicly for the first time since the fight at
  • Peter Okoye who has been the more outgoing of the duo goes ahead to sign solo endorsement deals with Olympic Milk and Adidas.


  • On February 16, 2016, Peter Okoye claims that he is no longer interested in the family business. He insists that their older brother and manager, Jude must be eased out as their manager.
  • In the same month, Paul Okoye pledges his allegiance to
  • Later in the month, the brothers resolve differences and announce that they are back as a group. The three brothers, Jude, Peter, and Paul announce that they are back and are coming out stronger. They also apologize to their fans.

Whats next for these two we don't know, but Pulse will keep you updated in the continuing saga of Psquare.