"I'm so proud of him," Ice Cube said about his son, O'Shea Jackson Jr., 25, who wasn't in attendance at the premiere of 'Barbershop: The Next Cut in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.  "He's out working. He's trying to start submitting himself out in Hollywood."

When asked if he has any say as to who dates his son, 'The Ride Along' star stated that  he can't ever tell his son who he can and can't date. But when asked if he would let his son date a Kardashian, he replied:  "Oh no, I didn't say no Kardashians. It isn't my choice. But I don't think they can handle him."

His statement comes a few days after Khloe Kardashian made a comment about how she would “bang” Ice Cube’s son, (O’Shea Jackson Jr.).  But Ice Cube responded swiftly telling BET, "They can’t handle that boy. They cannot handle him. Don’t worry about it. Tell ’em, they can’t handle O’Shea, that boy’s a beast."

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Making a mark is something both father and son have been passionate about. Particularly in the light of the conversations about diversity in Hollywood and the fact that Cube's film had such a grand premiere.

"Putting time, effort, money into opening it up at the Chinese Theater, it gets no bigger than this and that's what we want," he said. "We just want to have the big stage like everybody else, that's all."

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As for what he loves the most about having grown up kids, Cube took a slightly more practical approach.  "You can send them to the store," he joked.

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