Where to buy video games with Bitcoin

The world of finance is experiencing a revolution thanks to the cryptocurrency boom. One of the more popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin.

This cryptocurrency is getting worldwide acceptance and consequently is becoming an important financial asset.

Lots of brands have already accepted the use of Bitcoin as a payment method which is why the cryptocurrency is doing well in several industries. One of those industries is the gaming industry. It’s well known for the adoption of technological trends that advance it in return.

Thanks to the advancements in technology the gaming industry improved the way games looked and played. Online games started becoming more popular and more devices joined the gaming family tree. It was in 2017 that the first cryptocurrency game was released. CryptoKitties was the first of many cryptocurrency titles that started the crypto game market.

Nowadays, there are many such games and all of them focus on blockchain technology. Some of them focus on a single cryptocurrency like Bitcoin while others support more than one cryptocurrency. Titles like Splinterlands and Spells of Genesis are examples of games that adopt the blockchain technology of Bitcoin.

In their essence, these games are titles with collectibles such as cards and items that players can use against each other in the games. Developers have also produced Bitcoin trading simulators which function as educational games. This is because they teach people about Bitcoin and the basics of trading with it.

Some titles such as Altcoin Fantasy even offer competitions where players can compete in trading and earn prizes in Bitcoin. Although these are relatively new games on the market, it’s likely that their popularity will rise more in the future.

As mentioned before, Bitcoin is a popular payment method and that’s true for several online vendors in the gaming industry. One of the first online vendors that accepted Bitcoin was Steam but it lasted only until 2017 because of the high fees and the volatility of the market.

Although one of the top game vendors doesn’t accept Bitcoin, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy games with the cryptocurrency. There are other online vendors that you can use to buy video games online. Moreover, they let you purchase the games with Bitcoin.

Similarly to them, there are many Bitcoin trading apps available. Among the many applications and websites, you’ll come across the bitcoin equaliser platform. This is a legitimate and safe app that lets you start trading with Bitcoin after a few easy steps. As soon as you register and deposit the minimum amount you can start your career as a Bitcoin trader.

If you’re already a successful Bitcoin trader that’s also a gamer then you will find these online vendors to your liking precisely because they let you buy games with Bitcoin.

This is one of the many online vendors that let you use Bitcoin as a means to pay for your games. Joltfun lets you purchase a game key directly. It also offers a quick transaction so you can enjoy your game much quicker. The vendor offers games from 7 of the most popular gaming platforms which include Origin, PlayStation, Steam, uPlay, and others. After you pick a game then you get an e-mail and 2 hours to purchase the key.

Unlike Joltfun, Bitrefill doesn’t let you purchase a video game key directly. This online vendor lets you purchase a gift card for a certain platform or online store. The selection of gift cards includes online stores such as Steam, Nintendo, Roblox, Google Play, and others. Once you complete the transaction then you can use your gift card. If you prefer physical video games, you can use Bitcoin to purchase those as well.

Keys4Coins is another online vendor that lets you purchase video games with Bitcoin. It’s like a mix from the previous 2 vendors. This means that you can use Bitcoin to purchase video game keys as well as gift cards from a variety of gaming platforms.

The list of gaming platforms includes the likes of Xbox, Steam, Origin, Rockstar Social Club, and others. In addition to games, Keys4Coins lets you purchase software such as antivirus programs and web hosting. All in all, it’s a vendor worth checking out.

These are only some of the online vendors that offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as methods of payment. In time some of the top online game vendors will probably feature Bitcoin as a payment method. This is because the popularity and price of the cryptocurrency are on the rise.

Since more and more people opt for Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional payment methods, it will become more common in the gaming industry and beyond. In other words, there’s a bright future for this and any other cryptocurrencies on the financial market.

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