Insurance mustn’t be boring - These 2 companies want to make insurance cool, relatable and relevant to you

The guys at Heirs Insurance (HIL) and Heirs Life (HLA), are on a task to make insurance as cool and relatable as sipping a mojito in Bali on a Monday evening.

Insurance mustn’t be boring - These 2 companies want to make insurance cool, relatable and relevant to you

Insurance, they said, helps you keep your money intact so you don’t waste your hard-earned money fixing your stuff when you can just call Heirs Insurance or Heirs Life to handle the bill.

Their promise: to make insurance cool, relatable and relevant, all captured in their tagline “Your Simple, Smart Protection”.

What they are promising:

  1. No boring stuff. Insurance that is simple to understand, relevant to you and quick to access.
  2. Digital insurance, all online – protect your stuff or report a claim right from your mobile phones 
  3. Everything sharp, sharp: Get a quote in 5 minutes and settle claims in less than 24hours 
  4. Paperless engagement – because paper is too much trouble and we are all moving past that. 
  5. Personalised advice – you can reach out to them on advice on the best insurance plan for you.

The Chief Marketing Officer, Ifesinachi Okpagu, says the companies are focused on excellent service for the 21st century customer: simple, quick, accessible and reliable service. She adds that relevance is also a key focus point, so the companies will be announcing value-adding partnerships in the coming weeks.

By the way, the difference between both companies:

Heirs Insurance, the general insurer, protects people’s stuff, like cars, homes, shops, limbs, and special risks. It promises that “if they bash it, we pay to fix it”.

Heirs Life, the life insurance company, provides financial security for people’s wealth. It offers insurance-backed target savings and term life plans that promises your loved ones a bulk amount of money if the unfortunate happens to you. This way, you go on to “chop life, while they secure the future”.

Find out more: Heirs Insurance: or call 0700HEIRSINSURANCE

Heirs Life: or call 0700HEIRSINSURANCE

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