Former President,

“I never made such claims. It is inconsiderate of any single person or group to claim the glory. I am astounded by media reports quoting me as saying that I and few other persons brought President Buhari to power to save Nigeria,” the former president said according to The Cable.

“I have never said that, because it is not true. Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for the President and we are all witnesses to that fact. No single person or group can claim that glory,” he added.

Earlier media reports had quoted Obasanjo as saying:

“Three or four other of us from different part of the country got together and said to ourselves what do we do? We said what is the problem with us and why are we still not growing. We got talking and knew we needed to do something.”

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The reports also claimed that Obasanjo made the statement at a reception held in his honour at the Taraba Government House on Friday, August 19.