Like we said here, not many men can deal with independent, career-driven, self-sufficient women, even though that is what women are being encouraged to be these days.

As opposed to previous generations, more men are looking to date women who have their priorities in order, have goals, aspirations and dreams that they're not scared to pursue openly and aggressively.

Our article here already teaches how to be that kind of woman. What's left to note is that men who would date these kind of women have to have their minds on an elevated plane. If you are basic or archaic in your outlook to life, relationships, marriages and gender roles, you may not succeed in being with this special kind of women.

So, to date a woman who is a career-driven and has unwavering goals set in front of her, here are five important rules to be aware of.

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have been married for 33 years in 2018
Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have been married for 33 years in 2018

1. Encourage her independence

This is the biggest rule in the book and it will take a very secure man to achieve this so in essence, this is the rule that requires to become as secure in yourself as you can possibly be! It is a given, when someone works really smart towards something, they’ll achieve great success at it.

This means that you need to be cool with the idea of your woman being bigger than you or being just as big, rich and famous.

Celebrate her for it, and be genuine about it. Respect her schedule, allow her be great, allow her free reins to get at it. You need to be very very secure for this to happen.

2. Be there for her… always

It also important for you to remember that no matter how career driven she seems, at the end of it all she is still a woman… your woman. And she still needs you to be available for her.

She will still need a safe place to fall apart, to vent and to unleash her negative emotions. Be that strong foundation when she tumbles. Be that source she is constantly drawn to, and that is when she will feel at home.

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3. Don’t expect those daily meals

Actually, what this means in a broader context is you should not expect a traditional relationship. The whole of your relationship with this kind of woman is largely untraditional and forward-thinking in comparison to what a great number of Nigerian relationships look like, even in this 2018.

She won’t be the one waiting at home with a buffet on the table every night, she won’t be the babe who baby sits you and tracks all your movements or waits on you at every minute. And you have to be very cool with that.

4. Be thick-skinned

Especially in African societies like ours where there are still so many backward thinkers and traditional approaches to marriages and relationships, you would need to become tone deaf, thick skinned and absolutely blind to all the discordant views in order to maintain this kind of relationship.

Truth is, there’ll likely be so many of them. So, be prepared to ignore as many of these views in order to keep your relationship with your woman intact

What matters most in any relationship is the flourishing understanding between the two major players. Every other person is an outsider, and as this article correctly states, their opinion is secondary.

5. Support

Be involved in achieving those goals. Get in. Learn about what she does. Wrap your head around it as much as you can. You cannot support what you do not know about.

Go out of your way to be at openings, shows, auditions, shows, lecture deliveries... everywhere she'd need your presence at. Go there and offer her the moral support she needs.______________