Men, as many people know by now, are very visual characters.

The things that get to a man are often the things he can see, unlike women who are more easily swayed by emotive things.

Owing to this fact, men often look out for partners that are sexy, or, to put it in another way, men always like it when their partners can show a certain level of sexiness.

Sexiness and being attractive are two different things, by the way, and there are attractive ladies who are not sexy.

Being sexy has to do with anything arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.

So, how do you remain that sexy lady your partner fell in love with?

1. Find out what his idea of a sexy lady is

Try to know him more and find out what he finds sexy. Listen to the things he comments favourably on about you. That could be a good pointer.

2. Eye contact

This is perhaps another way of asking you to become a bit more confident.

It is believed that if a woman increases in confidence, she becomes much sexier to a man than she was before.

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3. Smile

Smiling is sexy, too. Especially in instances when you do it in that coy, girl way that easily disarms many men.

4. Sexy clothing

Lingerie or not, whatever you choose to wear, let it complement you and be as teasing as possible.

Revealing little in the right way, turns most men to jelly and that is what you should aim for. That he has probably seen it all does not mean you shouldn't still tease him.

5. Fantasies

If your man has revealed his sexual fantasy and you do not feel it is too absurd, why not play it out once in a while to surprise him?