7 strong signs (you shouldn't ignore) he wants a future with you

March 11th 2023, 12:43:13 pm

Here are some of the subtle signs of long-term commitment from your partner.

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Long-term relationships involve many milestones for couples. These milestones take the form of physical, emotional, and mental.

And although he may not have popped the question or indicated that he wants you in his future, there are subtle signs that reveal his intentions.

Let's look at seven of them.

The "worst" varies from person to person and whatever that is, he has experienced with you and it has made you and him more confident in each other. It also works the way, if you have seen him at his worst and he has stuck through it.


His environment is also a very good indicator that he wants you to be part of his future. Most of his friends are happily married couples and he has good connections with them. It is only natural that he thinks about it too.

He is counting on you in his future if you are updated about his life. He makes sure you know everything that is going on in his life because he wants you to know. He makes you feel connected and part of his life by involving you in whatever is going on.

He wants to see you grow and achieve all your goals. He is supportive and actively involved in the things that make you whole as an individual. He is your partner and confidant and fan.

In a relationship headed for tying the knot, he may tell you or show you that his life is better with you in it. He appreciates you and shows you that the relationship is great for him and both of you.

One of the biggest clues is if talks about the future casually during conversations between you two. He might have his sights on the future of your relationship if he drops future plans into conversations.

If he seeks your opinion on what he does or experiences, it shows how invested he is in you and the relationship. It also shows that he wants to share important life decisions with you.

There are indicators of a future for couples even before a marriage proposal. Each relationship is different and some people may or may not tick all these signs. Even with such indicators, only the two people in the relationship can determine the trajectory of a relationship.

Martha Kemigisha
Entertainment and Lifestyle writer with an objective, and sometimes subjective account of everyday life.


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