Earning a good income does not necessarily mean you are financially independent.

There are some things you need to avoid if you want to be financially independent. These reasons are bad financial mistakes you should totally avoid if you want to gain financial independence.

Here are five reasons why you will never be financially independent.

1. Excessive spending

If you have the habit of spending excessively, then you might not be financially independent in a very long time, if you don’t avoid excessive spending.

It is your money and you worked for it but you need to learn how to control how you spend your income.

Overspending will keep leaving you broke which would lead to accumulating debt and also preventing you from saving well.

2. Having no financial goals

Having no financial goals will not make you gain financial independence. You need to have financial goals you want to achieve both short-term and long-term.

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You need to write down things you set out to achieve financially. This would help you focus on your goals.

3. Bad attitude towards money

If you have bad and negative towards money. Believing money is the root of all evil and can’t buy happiness, then you will never be financially independent.

You should not have a negative attitude and misconception about money. Your attitude to money must be positive.

4. Having no savings and investment

You will not gain financial independence if you have no savings and investment.

Some people don’t save anything out of their income.

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To avoid such, the best thing to do is to first take out of your income and put into your savings every month. Save at least ten to fifteen percent of your income every month.

You should also find ways to invest in profitable ventures.

5. Having no emergency fund

Having an emergency fund would prevent you from dipping into your regular savings and income when an emergency situation comes up.

If you don’t have an emergency fund, It might be quite difficult to gain financial independence. You always need something to fall back on during emergency situation.