The weekend-long showing of NAKED,

Award-winning actress and filmmaker, Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju, premiered her one-woman show in February 2018, where it was met with praises and applause. Following the success, she set the stage again August 10-12, with the help of her amazing mostly-woman team, to showcase the highs and lows of being a young, hustling woman.

NAKED is a coming-of-age story, that takes the audience on an intimate journey of the highs, lows, achievements and failures of a young woman’s experiences as she navigates through life, love, career and finding her path.

The stage play is set in her room to allow the audience interact fully with the actress and give a glance into her mundane activities and thoughts.

The show is like a diary on display — deep thoughts that are usually hidden away behind a facade are laid bare to give a raw honest look behind the human mask. Lala's stellar acting only helps to make the play more relatable, even more so as it is a play based on the actress' life story. She breaks down herself and her journey into so many pieces, that as a part of the audience, you just have to find yourself somewhere in there.

Nollywood's own #MeToo?

The play addresses sexual abuse, career disappointments, and the exploitation and discrimination of women in the film industry.

Written by poet Titilope Sonuga and produced by Lala, alongside Brenda Uphopho and directed by Kenneth Uphopho, NAKED emphasizes serious #GirlPower because it is acted, written, and produced by all women.

Hence, this second run of NAKED comes with a different motive — to serve as a rallying call for women in the film industry. The aim was to get the big decision makers in the same room with young women and upcoming actors in a bid to address some lingering issues in Nollywood. Tickets were given out to young women and students who needed to see a piece of themselves in someone they looked up to. At the end of the shows, audience was given to people who had similar stories and a crying session — or two.

Lala and her team hope to use this avenue to start a mentorship program for young women around Nigeria.

The success of the show should not to be measured by the crowd of people in the room but by the number of people impacted.

Do you think Nollywood is ready for a #MeToo movement?