Open Hours: All day

Contact person: +2348156440144

Tour fee: N20,000 per hour for a tour of 1-10 persons

Things to take with you: A camera, comfortable hiking shoes and swimming kit.

Located at about 45 kilometres from Kaduna on a mountaintop in Kajuru village, Kaduna state, Kajuru Castle was built in 1989 by a German expatriate who lived in Kaduna at the time. The castle which is an epitome of architectural master-piece is stylishly structured in a medieval way that makes it a sorts of wonder to tourists. There are so many features in the castle that only experience can explain.

The castle is private property, and has a capacity to contain 150 guests. This is why it is very popular for group vacations, honeymoon getaways, pool parties, etc. However, due to the actual number of rooms the castle has, you might want to keep population down to 10.

When is the best time to visit?

The castle is open on most days but busier during the weekends. Hence, you have to call the contact person to book your tour slot, at least a day before.

Kajuri Castle
Kajuri Castle

How to get to the castle

There are no signposts that show you the way and journey there from the city centre can take up to an hour. From Nnamdi Azikiwe Way, head north toward Dutsima Rd. After 2.7 km make a U-turn and continue to follow A2 for 10.8 km. Continue onto A 235 for 13.6 km, turn slightly right to join A235 and continue for 36.5km. Turn right and continue straight for 3km.

You might want to hire a cab or bus to take you to your destination as the castle is quite hidden away in the rural area of Kajuru village. Take snacks and a shawl because the road is indeed long, dusty and windy.

Where to lodge

Because the castle was designed to be a home, there are only five rooms within. Each room is designed to give a medieval feel with different themes attached to them. There's also a kitchen, sauna and all that is needed to spend a night or even a weekend. However, spending a night/weekend at the castle is quite expensive, ranging from N310,000 to N570,000 depending on your plan.

If you need to spend a night in Kaduna, there are more affordable hotels somewhat close to the area. However, if you can afford to spend the night or the weekend at Kajuru, the castle is self catering so feeding arrangements are on you.

Fun things to do on your day trip

If you're one for nature, adventure and exploring new place, Kajuru castle is a spot for you!

1. Enjoy a train ride from and back to Abuja

2. Explore Kaduna's markets

3. Hike the trail of mountains surrounding Kajuru castle

4. Take a tour of the castle and hear all about its history from the "castle ghost"

5. See the crocodiles guarding the gates of the castle

6. Chill out and swim in the stainless steel majestic pool of the castle

7. Use the castle's sauna

8. Have a barbecue at the castle with friends

9. Take lots of pictures!