10 essential items to get your woman when she is on her period

October 5th 2022, 10:00:00 am

Boyfriends and husbands, here are some things to get your woman when she is on her period;

Menstrual cramps can be quite painful [Medicalnewstoday]

The menstrual period is the most uncomfortable week for any woman and she gets to undergo it every month.

When she is on her period, she experiences cramps, headaches, mood swings and acne.

A period package is a gift box you give a woman when she is menstruating so she feels loved and supported.

Fill the goody bag with the following;

Dark chocolate helps relieve menstrual cramps because it contains magnesium and that relaxes the muscles.

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Do you know how expensive pads are? It sometimes feels like an essential but unnecessary item. Buying them for her will be such a relief.

Now, men, you might be hearing this for the first time, but panty liners are little pads a woman wears so, she doesn’t stain her pants.

Please do not buy her felvin instead get paracetamol, diclofenac or ibuprofen (if she doesn’t have an ulcer) to ease the pain.

No woman can say no to new underwear so, get her some good cotton underwear.

To deal with those stubborn pimples and acne, get a nice facial scrub like St Ives or Simple.

When the throes of stomach pain kick in, a hot water bottle works magic to reduce her pain.

Does she love Pringles or is she a cookie girl? Add some of these to the care package.

What are her favourite fruits? Add some apples, strawberries, pineapples or bananas or her favourite fruit.

If she has a heavy flow, ginger tea helps to reduce the flow.

Cap it all with a nice card telling her you are thinking of her and you wanted to make her feel better.

Temi Iwalaiye
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